Allison Masangkay (DJ Phenohype) is a sick and disabled queer Filipinx femme artist, scholar, and social justice advocate. Her work is influenced by and dedicated to her childhood in northern New Jersey, survival in Sequim, Washington, ancestral memory, and diaspora feels. As a DJ, their sets include a range of genres—especially Jersey club, soul, hip hop, and house.

In 2018, Allison co-founded Kapatid Kollective alongside four other rad Filipinx femmes to organize arts & culture-based events during Filipino American History Month. KK facilitates spaces so that our communities can better imagine and collectively develop the many ways in which Filipinxs can heal ourselves, undo interconnected systemic oppressions, and thrive.

Outside of their own creative projects and community organizing, Allison can be found working part time with the Social Services team at Plymouth Housing Group; sharing their thoughts on pop culture, business, and Filipinx identity on their blog Phenohype: The Interludes; attempting to find pizza and bagels in Seattle that come anywhere close to those in Jersey, New York, Philly, etc.; reviewing their horoscope (Virgo sun, Capricorn rising, Gemini moon); and/or taking care of their sweet mini goldendoodle Prince (@_whendogscry on IG).

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